Friday, 29 April 2011

Single Cup Coffee Brewers - Tassimo vs Keurig

Every person who owns a coffee making machine knows the advantage one gets from using single cup coffee brewers. There are a lot of these one cup coffee machines that one can opt for and still enjoy excellent coffee making experience. Two of the best known coffee making machines includes the Tassimo and the Keurig and each has its own advantage depending on certain factors. Most people choose these types of coffee making machines based on the kind of beverage they expect the machine to make. These vary in terms of customization of the drink in an automatic way or the diversity that the machine accords to the person brewing the coffee. Furthermore, it is these options that one has to use when making a purchasing decision for the best one cup coffee machine.

The advantage of using Tassimo single cup coffee brewers is that they offer a diversity of ways one can make drinks. With the Tassimo it is possible to make coffee, tea, cappuccinos, lattes and hot cocoa. In the case of the Keurig single cup coffee brewers they can only be used in making tea and coffee. Both of the one cup coffee making machine have to use a microprocessor that they use to control the temperature and volume of the brew. What this means is that although they have different abilities they are all quality machines that can make excellent coffee brews.

Another features that can be found in the Tassimo one cup coffee machine is the large water reservoir that can not be found with the Keurig one cup coffee machine. The ability of the Tassimo machine is further advanced by the T-disc which is placed on top of the machine and it contains milk, coffee grounds or tea. This is has a barcode that the machine has to read each time it is in use. With the help of the T-disc the machine is able to control the brewing time and even the amount of water one wants on their different kinds of beverages. A Keurig on the other hand can only manage to adjust the brewing temperature and the amount of beverage one wants.

The procedure to be followed when brewing in both of the machines is often the same, but only gets complicated with the Tassimo one cup coffee maker when making the other types of coffee beverages. In both cases one has to open the head of the machine so that the disc or the cup can fit in. it is known for a fact that Keurig is much easier to use due to the simple feature it has. This makes it even easier to clean. The Tassimo machine offers certain complications when brewing. Additionally, when cleaning one has to insert a cleaning disc to rinse the machine each time they finish making the brew. There are a lot of comparisons that one can make on the Tassimo and the Keurig machines. However, it remains that each machine can perform the task of making coffee. The only difference maybe in the diversity of coffee beverages one wants to make with the machine and how one can customize the beverage automatically.

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